Active Mobile //

Vegetation Management System

Active Tree Services owns, develops and maintains an industry leading Vegetation Management System, referred to in the industry as Active Mobile (AM).

Active Mobile is a GIS enabled works management system that enables complete end to end electronic distribution of works to field crew and completion and has been developed in-house over the last 12 years; we are currently running our 6th iteration of the software.

Active Mobile //

Key Components

Field Application

  • Visualise key data in-field & define advanced work-flows in a user friendly touch driven application.
  • Find tasks & data easily with advanced search & filtering functionality.
  • Track & monitor workforce with full GPS & field crew integration.

Back Office Administration

  • See where your crews are, see what work is near them & adjust deployments accordingly.
  • Respond quickly to dynamic working environments.
  • Ensure accurate planning.

Web Mapping

  • Cutting edge map based web applications.
  • Platform independent accessible mapping.
  • Visual reporting to enhance schedules & programmes.

Business Intelligence

  • Give high level teams access to real time data.
  • Benefit from the power of true operational transparency.